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Gud Först is passionate about seeing Jesus transform lives in the city of Gothenburg.

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"I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" - Jesus

Gud Först was started in 2014 when a group of 5 moved over from the UK to the amazing city of Gothenburg. Over the years since then we have seen God be faithful in all of life. That does not mean there has been no challenge, there has been plenty, but God has been faithful throughout.

As a church we have four 'distinctive' values that God has invited us to own. We are a church that love God, love Gothenburg, enjoy Gods presence, and receive grace. We want to work these values out together in community with each other.

Although we are only just at the beginning of our journey it is a privilege to read in Matthew 16 that Jesus will build his church. We get to partner with him; to share the gospel, pray for the sick, live life together - but it is Jesus who builds his church.

God absolutely loves this city, and he has commissioned us to be a people who express his love wherever he has placed us. God is not finished with Gothenburg.


We believe that scripture is clear about having clear relationship with other churches. God is growing his family around the world and it is a privilege to join with others on His mission.

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Newfrontiers - then and now. A video explaining our family tree.

The family of churches we have the privilege to partner with are:


Newfrontiers are a family of around 850 churches in over 60 nations. Follow newfrontierstogether.org to find out more.

Christ Central

Within Newfrontiers we’re part of Christ Central, a network of churches aiming to make disciples in the nations of the world. Follow christcentralchurches.org to find out more.


What we do is only possible thanks to teams of people across every area of church life. Let us introduce to you the team leaders:

Leadership Team

The leadership team take responsibility for the church. This includes preaching, leadership development, prayer, vision, and much more.

  • Joshua and Nina Bye profile image

    Joshua and Nina Bye

    Josh is married to Nina. They have 2 young boys, Alfred and Oskar, and a fun loving dog called Harvey. In 2014 they moved over to Gothenburg and have loved living in the city ever since! Josh works part-time for the church and part-time in a local school, hopefully teaching kids how to cook...

    Nina heads up the hospitality team and leads the Thursday small group with Josh. Nina works as a science teacher - which she really enjoys. In her free time she likes to be with her family, enjoys the outdoors, and reading when she has time!

  • Aled and Chloe Evans profile image

    Aled and Chloe Evans

    Aled is part of the leadership team, is married to Chloe and together they have a baby son. Aled and Chloe both come from the UK but have lived in Sweden for five years. Aled works full time as a teacher and is passionate about music, theology and all things Welsh! Aled leads the worship team and preaches on Sunday mornings.

    Chloe leads the Tuesday small group with Aled. Chloe works as a teacher, but is currently taking a year out looking after their new born son. When she has the time she loves to read!

Wider Leadership Team

The wider leadership team work exceptionally hard to serve Gud Först through training, organising, administrating, and much more.

  • Rebecca Cremer profile image

    Rebecca Cremer

    Beccy moved to Göteborg in 2014 to be part of Gud Först. Beccy works as a primary school teacher and leads the kidswork and finance team at Gud Först.

  • Erik Schultz-Eklund profile image

    Erik Schultz-Eklund

    Erik moved to Gothenburg in 2018 to work as a doctor in a local hospital specialising in emergency medicine. Erik leads the Sunday team. Part of his role includes organising the serving rota. If you want to volunteer in one of our teams contact Erik!

  • Oliver and Emily Bailey profile image

    Oliver and Emily Bailey

    Oliver and Emily moved to Gothenburg at the end of May 2019 to be a part of Gud Först.

    Oliver works for a UK-based company as an IT Consultant and Emily is currently taking time away from work, after working for York City Church and managing a charity, to look after their two young boys, Benjamin and Barnabas. Together they lead the Wednesday small group.

  • Verity Davis profile image

    Verity Davis

    Verity leads the laptop team and creates visuals or marketing materials for different events. She also serves on the worship team. Verity works as a Primary Teacher in Gothenburg and in her spare time loves to read, spend time with family or friends and drink lots of tea.

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