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Interest Groups

What is an interest group?

An interest group runs either weekly or fortnightly and is centred around a common interest. Everyone is welcome and you can join as many as you like, the only thing we ask is that you sign up by following the link.

A short overview of the groups we currently run at Gud Först. Scroll down to find out more about the groups or alternatively click on the groups name to send you through to ChurchSuite where you can read more and sign up!

What is an interest group?

Bible Reading. Every Monday. 2000-2030.

Språkcafe. Every Tuesday. 1830-1900.

Deeper into Ephesians. Every other Wednesday. 2000-2100.

5km run. Every other Thursday. 2030

Walk. Every other Saturday. 1030-1145.

Online Games Night. Every other Saturday. 2000-2130.

OK, I'm intrigued, tell me more...

Scroll down to find out a little more about each interest group. Click on the title to sign up.

OK, I'm intrigued, tell me more...

Bible Reading

Reading scripture aloud is something that can be traced all the way back to Moses at Mount Sinai in Exodus 24.

Join Aled and continue in this increasingly forgotten, yet incredibly important practice and read scripture aloud!

We will meet every Monday 2000-2030 and read from different books in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.



Swedish speakers of all levels are welcome to join me, Vimbayi, as we speak in Swedish together over Zoom!

You don't have to be able to speak much, even just listening to others speaking Swedish will really help your learning. And it is definitely OK to make some mistakes 😁

Deeper into Ephesians

Deeper into Ephesians

Do you want to go 'deeper' into the book of Ephesians and at the same time practice memorising scripture? If 'yes' then this is the group for you!

We will read through a short piece of scripture together, relive it in our own words, and talk about it. Takes place on Zoom every other Wednesday 2000-2100. Follow the link below to sign up. Everyone is welcome!

5 km run

5km run

Runners of all abilties are welcome to join us as we head to Skatås for a 5km run.

We will meet every other Thursday to spend time together and run - a wonderful combination!

Feel free to invite friends who would be interested in this too!

Led by Nina and Erik 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️



All are welcome to join us for a group walk.

We will meet every other Saturday morning to walk together, enjoy fresh air, nature, and some gentle exercise. Bring your own fika and feel free to invite friends!

Led by Verity

Games night

Online Games Night

Over the last year, we have found a few games that work well over zoom, so if you’d like to have a laugh, use your brain a bit and hang out with friends (perhaps make some new ones, in these difficult Covid times) then come and join us!

If you know a great game we’d love you to share it with us too.

Led by Emily and Ollie.

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