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A Child is Born

As the world waits for the hope of a vaccine - a light to end the darkness of COVID-19 - Christians have have an even greater hope.

In chapter 9 of his book Isaiah speaks of a people who have walked in darkness, yet seen a great light.

He is of course not talking about a COVID-19 vaccine, but a savior who would come into the world, into the darkness, a savior who would be the light of the world. Who would be THE wonderful counsellor, mighty God, everlasting father, prince of peace.

He was talking about a baby born in a stable, Jesus.

Advent is a time of year where we not only celebrate and anticipate the birth of Jesus, but we look forward to his return. A day when there will be no more darkness, no more need for hope in vaccines, a day where every COVID-19 based tear will be wiped away.

At Gud Först we are running advent series over the 4 advent Sundays called - “A child is born” - exploring what this means for us today. Starting on the 27th November.

In this strange time we will celebrate. Not the hope of a vaccine, as important as that is. Nor the hope of the Christmas holiday, as nice as that will be. We celebrate a child being born who would be the light in the darkness - Jesus.

Due to current restrictions we will be doing this over Zoom. This means that you can join us wherever you find yourself! Everyone is welcome.

The relevant Zoom details can be by clicking here which takes you to the calendar or by contacting us here.

Take a moment in this time to enjoy and explore the wonderful hope that Jesus brings into your life.