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2020 Vision

2019 has been another year of seeing God's faithfulness in the church plant. We have had the privilege of our church family growing here in Gothenburg, big answers to prayer, and a fantastic conference hosted by some of the churches we know in Christ Central.

So, what can we expect for 2020?

The short answer is we do not know! Every year God has gone way above our expectations of what we thought would happen. We are hoping and expecting the same in 2020! With that in mind there are a couple of areas we want to grow in.

Salvation - fundamentally this is why we move to Gothenburg. It has been a privilege to see responses to the gospel over the years since we have been here. It truly is the biggest miracle we can see - from death to life. Our major prayer focus in 2020 will be to see this miracle in many more lives.

Connect - in the Autumn Aled announced the launch of connect groups at Gud Först - an opportunity to 'connect' with others in or outside the church. We want to continue growing in this to make it a really effective way of getting to know new people, growing in relationship, and connecting the lost to the church.

Discipleship - loving life as a christian is not a static thing, but involves movement - in Ephesians Paul talks of 'walking' in a manner worthy of our calling. We want to grow in our love for Jesus, scripture, and prayer to name just a few. As we go through the year we will be starting new sermon series, developing small groups, encouraging discipleship groups all with the aim to become more like Jesus.

GF Weekend Away - over the last 5 years we have prioritised our church weekend away. In May we will be going to the fantastic venue Gransnäs again. We have the privilege of welcoming Jeremy and Ann Simpkins to be with us at the weekend. It's going to be great.

Have a great Christmas and lets approach 2020 with the faith and knowledge that we have a God who can put stars into the sky with just a word - because we do!